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In today's world, it always seems like a new social media platform is introduced. Our goal is to provide you with the most effective ways to utilize these platforms. Using different platforms can leave your online presence spread thin, especially if its not using the latest versions. So for articles and tips about all things social media, youve come to the right place.


A lot of our personal information lies on the servers of major social media platforms. Its in everyone's best interest to have this data secure, and use the best and newest features that each platform offers. Articles and databases will be displayed here showing a number of different techniques, secrity flaws, breaches, and articles on all things about account security.

New Platforms and Features

On Cyber Social Ninja, we will be giving you the latest news and updates about new platforms. Not only will we be announcing them, but offering tutorials on how to use these platforms, and all of the secret and fun functions. Nothing stays new in this world, so its important to be well versed in these platforms, and their popularity.

Social Media and Culture

Social media is so popular, that even the most famous celebrites are constant users of these platforms. Political campaigns can be won and lost, depending on their social media strategy, and its important to realize whose using which platform, and how they are using it. New celebrities have been born on Social media alone. The platforms are changing the way we live, and bringing a cultural voice to some of the articles has tremenoous value.

Posts of The Day

Here, we will post our favorite use of social media each day. Whether its a follower of this site, or a social media guru, if its funny, witty, inspiring, and anything outrageously positive, it will be featured here.

Health care has always been about something bigger than politics: it's about the character of our country.

Warning to parents: Snapchat now shares your child's exact location #SocialMediaSafety

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